“Thanks again for hosting the Woody Mann workshop.  I couldn’t have had a better time, much of it due to your kind efforts. Stay well!” – David Rose


“Thanks again for putting together the Woody weekend. I had a great time, I’m sure everyone else did too. I’ve been to several workshops, this was definitely the best. Home cookin’ too!” – Mark Cameron


“A fantastic week end, with excellent instruction and terrific hosts! You guys make everyone feel so welcome thanks again. I am enjoying the pulled pork sandwich and tamale you sent me off with yum!!” – Steve Spencer


“I just want to thank you both for the wonderful weekend at the workshop. It was great to meet you and you were perfect hosts. Steve, it was a thrill speaking with you and seeing and hearing you and Woody play together. Alison, the hospitality and food were great–I told my wife I’d like to get the recipe for that cherry tart–it was definitely the best I’ve ever had. And I really like Steve’s pictures of the group.” – Eric Wendler


“This is just a quick note to say thanks for hosting such a wonderful weekend! Stefan’s workshop was fantastic; we went through an enormous amount of material– far more than I’ve seen covered in some workshops that have lasted longer than this! It was really a great class (though my fingers are still sore from Stefan making me play without picks!! :-)). And, your place is absolutely beautiful– that added a lot to the workshop. Also, thanks for letting me meet the parrots and the dogs!!” – Bill Jacoby


I just wanted to thank you for a really great weekend.  You are very kind and considerate hosts.  Thanks for opening your home this weekend.  I had a great time and look forward to the next event!! – Tom Fursa

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