cool chicks page returns!

I am so not the type to blog. I barely have time to shower each day! To learn something new on the computer just takes a lot of patience. However, i have had 2 glasses of wine and I thought I would try it. For those of you who remember, i used to have a page of photos of my customers at the shows wearing their Riverstone jewelry. It may have been vain but I loved that page. Scrolling down and seeing all those chicks (and some men!) wearing my jewels made me feel proud. So what I want to try and do is add photos from after the shows of my customers. So here i go with my first ever attempt at blogging. Wish me luck! 

I loved this mother and daughter in their matching Jill jewelry. how cool is a 10 year old wearing a wooly mammoth necklace? You guys rock!

I love it when friends buy matching jewelry!

I love this necklace on her. It is a carnelian pendant from Afghanistan. I loved it so much, I made myself one when I got home!