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The Alison Palmer Studio Presents


MAY 21-27 (2017)

OCTOBER 14-15 (2017)

MAY 18-20 (2018)

We are honored to be hosting Steven Hill’s Journey Workshop next year. This workshop includes 3 separate sessions with Steven, so make sure to check the dates.  Skype critiques are also available with Steven throughout the year (for an extra charge).  If the class so chooses, we can meet at alternative times during the year to talk about our work and it’s progress.

This workshop involves an ongoing commitment from the student throughout the year. As the student goes deeper into the process, it will open up endless opportunities for growth into a more personal body of work.

The fee for the workshop is $1800 if you sign up before January 1st.After January 1st the fee for the workshop will be $2,000. To register and pay, please send your check to Alison Palmer. Please call if you want to make a different payment arrangement such as PayPal or Credit Card:

Alison Palmer

P.O. Box 686 • Kent CT 06757 • 860-927-4680

The workshop will be held at:

The Alison Palmer Studio • 48 Stone Fences Lane • South Kent CT 06785

• • •

My journey began with a summer workshop in 1972, taught by Peter Sohngen. Since the early 80’s, I have shared MY aesthetic and techniques in nearly 300 workshops. This workshop is different; it is about you and your relationship with clay. This journey is YOURS. – Steven Hill

You are inspired,

You are motivated,

Begin your journey… now.

What inspires you? Art? Music? Nature? Technology? Architecture? Each of us is capable of expressing unique individuality in our ceramic work. Is your work as personal as you would like it to be or does it seem more like a collection of techniques learned from others?

Your journey begins with 6 ½ days exploring your relationship with clay at Alison Palmer’s Studio. Through a combination of individual critique, group discussion and hands-on experimentation, you will set in motion the search for personal expression. You will leave The Journey Workshop with a plan for the upcoming year and return to your studio with focus, renewed motivation, a group of peers and a mentor to help keep you on track.

Who is a prime candidate for the Journey Workshop?

This workshop is perfect for the professional who feels stale, for the amateur who wants to develop their body of work, or anyone who wants to take their pottery or sculptural work to a deeper, personal level. It is helpful to be comfortable with your basic techniques, as this workshop is not technically oriented. In the past, however, people at all levels of expertise have benefited greatly from taking the Journey Workshop.

Workshop Structure:

In preparation for your journey, you will be asked to read a book on creativity. Currently Steven is exploring new possibilities for this reading. Stay tuned! A private Facebook page will be set up in advance for students to communicate with each other before and during their journey, posting images, thoughts, questions and inspiration. The Facebook page is critical to group camaraderie and motivation. For the first weeklong session, bring as much information about yourself as possible… images or examples of recent pottery or other artwork, a journal or sketchbook, music, or anything relevant to your individuality. Each day during the initial week we will spend about half of our time in class discussions and group exercises. The rest of your time will be spent working in clay, drawing, journaling, or other individualized creative activities, applying insights gained in the class. Towards the end of the initial week, you will write a personal contract to help formulate your plan for the upcoming year. As your journey progresses throughout the year, you will have the option to schedule Skype critiques with Steven (paid for at an additional hourly charge). We will meet for a mid-year critique at Alison Palmer’s Stuio on October 14-15, 2017. Finally, on May 18-20, 2018 we will reconvene for final critiques and to share and celebrate our individual journeys. The workshop will culminate with an opening.

You will NOT be learning Steven Hill’s techniques in The Journey Workshop. Instead, this workshop is designed to help you find YOUR voice in clay. Steven will push you to go deeper and discover personal ways of expressing yourself. Yes, it is true there is nothing “new” in art, but that doesn’t prevent you from bringing your own unique spirit as a potter, sculptor, artist and human being to your personal work.

The Journey Workshop DOES NOT INCLUDE firing at Alison Palmer’s Studio, unless you would like your work to be bisque fired to take with you. The work made for the show at the end of the Journey Workshop will be made and fired in your studio throughout the upcoming year.

Workshop Schedule:

  • May 21-27, 2017 – Initial weeklong workshop at Alison Palmer’s Studio. The workshop will begin on Sunday, June 5 at 6pm, with a welcome session.
    • June – October 2017 – Studio work and preparation for mid-year critique.
  • October 14-15, 2017 – Mid-year critique at Alison Palmer’s Studio.
    • November 2016 – May 2017 – Studio work and preparation for show.
  • May 18-20, 2018 – Journey final critique, show and celebration at Alison Palmer’s Studio.

Additional Reading:

To find out more about Steven’s philosophy on these workshops, read the May 2007 Comment in Ceramics Monthly, Rethinking Ceramics Workshops.The Eight-Month Workshop: A Journey of Discovery, Steven’s article about the first Journey workshop that began at the Metchosin’ International Summer School of the Arts in Victoria, BC in July of 2007 and ended at Center Street Clay in March of 2008, is in the June 2008 issue of Ceramics Monthly. PDF’s of these articles can be downloaded at: These two articles are feeling somewhat dated to me, as the process has evolved over 4 subsequent Journey Workshops, but they are worthwhile reading nonetheless.

If you have additional questions about the Journey Workshop you may contact Steven Hill directly:

• • •

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Functional Porcelain / 
Atmospheric Effects for Electric Firing
• • •
In the first 2 days of this workshop, Steven Hill will throw and alter pots and work with slip, all the while communicating his enthusiasm for functional porcelain, spraying glazes and single firing. Steven considers form the most important single aspect of his pottery, paying particular attention to rims, feet, lids, spouts, and handles. Discussions will cover philosophy, design, technique, and his 40 years of making a living in clay.
“I have been inspired by the variation that occurs naturally across the surface of salt, soda and wood fired pots. In my own pottery, I have been creating atmospheric surface qualities through careful blending and layering of sprayed glazes for over 40 years!”
Until December of 2008 Steven fired exclusively gas reduction, but he has discovered that his cascading rivulets of ash-like glazes and mysterious microcrystalline mat surfaces work just as effectively in oxidation as they do in reduction! Even the rich brown and orange colors that he always attributed to reduction firing are possible in oxidation. These days Steven fires exclusively ^6-8 electric oxidation.
Sunday will end with Steven raw glazing pots he made the first day. 
During days 3 and 4 of this workshop the class will throw and alter pots based on Stevens forms and work with decorative slip. Steven will lead the class with demonstrations of pitchers, cups, bowls and other forms. The focus will be on spouts, handles, form, surface, and the relationship between these elements.
Although Steven fires in an electric kiln these days, he works with techniques that get the best out of wood and soda firings. His work has many edges, both on the form and his use of slip that will be natural gathering points for ash and soda.
Steven Hill received his BFA from Kansas State University in 1973 and has been a studio potter since 1975. Steven’s work is exhibited and sold in nationally juried shows and is featured in many ceramics books. He has conducted over 200 workshops throughout the United States and Canada and has written 11 ceramics articles; “An Approach To Single-Firing” (January 1986, Ceramics Monthly), “Long Distance Runner” (December 1989, Studio Potter), “Don’t Put The Flames Out” (February 1994, Ceramics Monthly), “Pulling Handles”, (Spring 1998, Pottery Making Illustrated), “Where You’ve Been Is Good And Gone, All You Keep Is The Gettin’ There” (April 1998, Ceramics Monthly) , “Spraying Glazes”, (March 2002, Pottery Making Illustrated) “Common Ground: A Showcase of National Artists-In-Residence” (Ceramics MonthlyJanuary 2006)and  “An Approach to Single Firing – Further In”), (January 2006, Ceramics Monthly), “Rethinking Ceramics Workshops”, (Ceramics Monthly, May 2007), “The Eight Month Workshop: A Journey of Discovery”, (Ceramics Monthly, June 2008). Steven’s most recent article, “Atmospheric-Like Effects for Electric Firing” is in the March 2012 Ceramics Monthly.
In 1998 Steven co-founded Red Star Studios Ceramic Center in Kansas City, MO and he co-founded Center Street Clay in Sandwich, IL in 2006. Currently Steven is doing what he does best… Making pots, writing about ceramics, teaching workshops and letting someone else take care of business! His new home is 323 Clay in Independence, MO.
• • •
Day 1 – Throwing and altering, discussions ranging from aesthetics to philosophy to technical issues to business practices
Day 2 – Powerpoint presentation, trimming and assembly of pots, discussion of spraying and layering of glazes, electric firing and glazing demo 
Day 3 and 4 – There will be additional demos, but most of the time will be devoted to students throwing, assembling and working with slip.
• • •
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• • •
The fee is $200 for each two-day workshop. To reserve your space, please email us and send payment via PayPal or send checks to:
Alison Palmer
P.O. Box 686
Kent CT 06757
The workshop will be held at:
THE Alison Palmer Studio • 48 Stone Fences Lane • South Kent CT 06785 • 860-927-4680




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