“I’ve always been drawn to ancient ceremonial vessels. My work is about the celebration of life and the natural world. Animal imagery in clay has always been my chosen expression. One of my first pottery teachers told me that I was working my clay to death. I interpreted that to mean that I might be able to resuscitate it if I added a nose. That decision dictated the path I would follow for forty years. Sometimes I make pots into animals and sometimes animals out of my pots. My search is to find the balance between pottery form and animal form and make them fit as one. I strive to achieve a lighthearted meld of the human and animal form.  These anthropomorphic figures are developed by throwing and altering the stoneware clay and wood-firing them to cone 10.  The fire and ash contribute to the spontaneous and unpredictable finish which gives the pieces a primitive, elemental look.” – Alison Palmer 

• • •

As so much of our work is sold after each firing, we will reserve the “latest firing” page only for the newest work. All pages will be marked by the number of the firing, except for those pieces that have been “archived”. The new pieces are each priced. The older pieces are not. If, however, you are interested in purchasing any of the archived work, please contact us for pricing and availability.

• • •

Commission are welcome.

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